Don’t get caught on the “hard-shoulder”

A question I often ask myself during my daily excursion along the m25, especially when stuck in traffic, is “what lane is my career travelling in”.

  1. Inside lane – am I just drifting along at slowish pace being constantly overtaken but not really caring.
  2. Middle lane –  I think I’m getting somewhere but actually 10 miles up the road I’m no further ahead than the old fart on the inside lane the only difference being I’ve been stressing about my journey.
  3. Fast lane – a fast burst of pace shortly followed by foot to the floor – shit I’ve left it a little late – breaking. And at the end of the journey a feeling of being put to the proverbial pork sword (totally shagged).

All 3  sound a bit rubbish, maybe a little depressing. The reality for me, in common with most people, is that my career drifts between all 3.

So what’s the alternative – you could try the hard shoulder that’s always empty. We all know people who operate on the hard shoulder doing whatever it takes to get ahead.  You’re sitting there stuck in a jam being held up by some problem you can do nothing about  when you see the hard-shoulder twat taking this  shortcut at the expense of others. You desperately want them to be caught out but there’s not a traffic cop or HR guy in sight and then you spot him further up the road cutting in front of some poor bugger who did the right thing and took the long route – he got away with it and you & your fellow colleagues are left sitting there in your career cars feeling as though someone has just taken a big crap on your passenger seat and to make matters worse it’s all over your mp3 player.

So what’s the message here. You can plod along just waiting for the traffic to clear but you’ll soon find yourself in the same position some time soon. So why not swap your car for a motorbike, you can travel up the inside and outside everyday as fast as you like whatever the traffic situation….. people even move over for you and there’s no passenger seat on a motorbike for that hard-shoulder twat to crap on.

The marketing moral is the same, whether you’re marketing yourself or a new product or service. When something’s not working, try a different vehicle. Alternatively  you could be the hard-shoulder guy…… in the short-term you might gain some ground, but you’ll soon be displaying the contents of your backside spread across all 3 lanes as you’re taken out by your lorry driving boss who objects to you overtaking on the inside.

David Sadler-Smith


One thought on “Don’t get caught on the “hard-shoulder”

  1. Motorbikes are a good choice in warmer climates than where I reside. My past experience -when I was not a old fart in the slow lane( and, yes it was in the Stoneage) is that the time you gain travelling, you loose dressing up for the ride and taking all your extra clothes off on arrival!
    Best of luck with both the website and your career young Dave.

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