Broken promises….. all-day breakfasts

There something reassuring about a signpost on the motorway. They look authoritative and provide you with essential information for your journey and there’s always a presumption of fact when you read them.  Not always the reality though. One example comes up just before Clacket Lane services which announces that the operator of the next service station is Welcome Break. Sounds just what we all need.

But what’s your experience of a Welcome Break service station – the name is a bit misleading. My own experience always begins with a car park with road markings that make it impossible to park close to the building and once parked there is no covered walkway to protect you from the English spring, summer, autumn and winter weather. Then as you approach the building you are met by a scruffy little man from the RAC or AA flogging roadside assistance – their’s must be a story of untold personal tragedy. Once past him you’re met by the 2 girls flogging you a credit card, the promise of a free fluffy toy, doesn’t really cut the mustard…….. all the guys are much clearer about what might just seal the deal. I get why the RAC are located at the service stop but who’s looking for an extra line of credit when they get to a Clacket Lane, Watford Gap or Scratchwood Services  …… ahh, that becomes a bit clearer when your “welcomed” by the till operator who presents you with the bill for your all day breakfast.

So what was the name of this place …… oh yeah Welcome Break.

I can see how the marketing team came up with the name but it’s really more of an aspiration than a reality. If your brand name is based around a promise it had better live up to it or it’ll become a laughing stock with nowhere else to go – though I do think it would be a great name for a day nursery. It’s important to think about where you want to go with your company or brand before you christen it with a name.

So what’s left for Welcome Break.

Welcome Break

They could move into the prison sector, a good fit I think and it would be popular with the people. “You are sentenced to 10 years at maximum security Welcome Break” …… we all know that’s no soft option just ask the man from the RAC.


3 thoughts on “Broken promises….. all-day breakfasts

  1. Oh, the pits and Clacket Lane must rate with the worst. Luckily, I don’t have to suffer it much but I remember one day last December when thick snow had fallen many days previously and NO attempt had been made to clear any of it. This naming strategy falls in to the same category of those businesses who think that all they have to do to effect a change is to change the name. Nat West is one of the worst with its latest campaign that promises far more than it can ever deliver (I know, I fell for it!). ‘Marketing’ has gone into a deep hole.

    Nice blog!

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