Wanted ….receding hair and an expanding wallet

At Junction 28 going clockwise on the 25 is a large billboard advertisement in a field for Sugardady.com which unsurprisingly turns out to be is a niche dating website, I think, aimed at a particular type of girl interested in a particular type of fella. I’ve not seen this poster anywhere else so I’m guessing the website owners have been conducting a bit of research and have established that there is a market for such a product amongst Essex floosies.

But is this what women really want? But hey …… I am a daddy and I’m sure I’ve been described as sweet …… well maybe more “sweet & sour” or is that more sour than sweet – either way I don’t think this is sufficient for me to qualify as a sugar daddy. Maybe I just need a bit more gold jewellery, a little less hair, a permanent tan and a big fat wallet……….. mmmmmm….. all that may take a while though the ”little less hair” is definitely a work in progress.

So what’s the alternative for a regular daddy type looking out for a new honey. These chaps (maybe they’re girls) at sugardaddy.com might be on to something and maybe there could be other niche “man types” that the ladies of the M25 are on the look out for. And being the sweet, but not yet bald, giving guy that I am here are a few ideas for niche man dating websites that maybe someone might like to pick up and run with. And who knows, anyone of these ideas could prove to be your entry ticket to sugardaddy.com

For women who like their man to be close by. But not too close by ……..just someone who’s going to look out for them at a distance (through binoculars) and follow them home at night

If you need a man who’s never gonna criticize the way you look.

This is the website for girls who want to date married men who pretend not to be married.

Ideal for all women who know how to extract the joy out of the important everyday tasks of cleaning, washing, ironing, cooking, decorating and gardening


For ladies who love time alone in the kitchen preparing tasty snacks for there man to munch whilst watching match of day

Let me know if anyone makes money from these winners………… or maybe you could suggest a few others.

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