A pornstar for 30 days – a month of giving and receiving

I’m always impressed by those who can set aside time and money to help others. My efforts for charity tend to extend to the occasional small contribution chucked in the bucket outside the supermarket. Though I did make a more sizeable donation recently on the “just giving” website where I donated £100 instead of the intended tenner. That was a tad gut wrenching if there’d been a charity bucket nearby I would have probably chucked up into it.

With a poor track record of giving – with the exception of the £100 I donated on the “just giving” website – not sure if I’ve already mentioned that? I thought I’d have a go at receiving. The month of November has given us guys the chance to do something for charity which takes little effort in fact less effort than normal – Movember.

For those who are not familiar with Movember the idea is for guys to grow moustaches during November  to raise awareness for men’s health issues, specifically prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men and also to raise a bit of cash for charity in the process.

So being a guy of a certain age, who is increasingly obsessing about his own health issues, I’ve signed up and I’m now busy growing my moustache. Having not grown facial hair in the past and not being blessed (or do I mean cursed) with a fast growing facial thatch, Ryan Giggs style. I was a bit nervous about what I could achieve in 30 days. But now 7 days in I’m feeling quite the man and well on the way to sporting a full size tache.

I’ve opted for a 70’s porn star number which I thought would be quite amusing. But as it take shape I’m beginning to question the wisdom behind it. Around the office it works fine as there are several other guys sharing the experience of growing a “Fu Man Chu” “Paintbrush” or a “Charlie Chaplin” not to be confused with an “Adolf Hitler”. But sporting my new facial identity outside of the office is becoming increasingly uncomfortable. Initially the admiring looks from other guys as they marvelled at my furry top lip addition were welcome. But I’m beginning to question some of these looks. Maybe they’re not aware of Movember and it’s not admiration ………… or maybe it’s the wrong type of admiration!!

The outward face of a brand is an important part of the initial pitch to an audience.  So what message am I now sending to my audience – well to the Movember aware I’m a fun giving guy with a furry smile on his face who knows the importance of raising awareness of men’s health issues. But what about the rest of the world how are they seeing my new look….. maybe to them I’m a fun loving giving (and receiving) guy who likes putting his furry smile on the face of other guys and giving them a raise  Oh dear I can feel something coming to the surface ……..where’s that charity bucket.

If you haven’t already made a donation to Movember then click this link to my Movember page and make a contribution. All proceeds go to UK charities involved in cancer and prostate cancer – many thanks.


3 thoughts on “A pornstar for 30 days – a month of giving and receiving

  1. Hello Dave,

    Let me introduce you to a new experience its called Mo-Jacking and its where i put a link to my Movember page here ************ and ask all your readers to donate to me.

    Hopefully they will appreciate how sneaky this is and give the money they were goign to give to you to me.

    Thanks Dave

  2. My growth is developing nicely, plenty of encouragement from my wife who thinks it is awful and vowed not to kiss me while it takes pride of place on my face – from that I gather i must have had a tash for about the last 5 months.

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