Connecting a past with a future

A departure from the wit. I recently took this picture from a bridge on the A12 close to where I live – no I wasn’t about to jump. I pass under this bridge everyday and as the road begins to rise you get this horizon.

 click picture to enlarge>>>

The A12 really is an artery for me, I can look in either direction and conjure up the many beginnings and endings from the past 15 years – that’s how long it’s been my neighbour. Looking backwards  it’s become an anchor to great memories and it’s always my starting point for new journeys so will remain an inspiration for my future.


6 thoughts on “Connecting a past with a future

  1. Yes, there are places that bring back good and bad memiories. Nice to have a constant start and finish point in life. I find that these places move by decade, lifestage or turning point. For me the the iconic M25 spot is the M40 and M4 turnoffs – one onto London for work for many years and one to the airport for many fun and exhausting work trips

  2. I wish my main arterial route (A1) was as clear as this in the mornings, in fact it would help if it had 3 lanes in stead of just 2.

  3. I’ll contradict my earlier comment. I think most of us photoshop our memories to some extent but you’re right we shouldn’t forget the experiences, good or bad, that made us who we are… but for me a bit of memory photoshoppery helps to amplify the good and makes for a springy platform to launch future adventures .Without such a springboard it’s too easy to get stuck in the moment and then it can be difficult to build momentum.

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