What’s that smell…

HAPPY NEW YEAR… like most of us I spend way too much time trying to put meaning to things that have gone against me or not quite to plan. So to help me keep perspective this year I have a new mantra…

every dog will have its day

For me that means “get over it”… because someone will soon be along to give me a stroke and tell me that I’m a clever boy. In the meantime does anyone have any tips for dealing with piss stains?


8 thoughts on “What’s that smell…

  1. I find the love & respect of your nearest & dearest gets rid of the odour & makes the stain fade if not disappear completely. Failing that, copious amounts of alcohol makes the stain seem unimportant or will give you courage to kick the dog!

    • Thanks ed… you’ve not overstretched the metaphor, in fact you’ve rescued the situation. I am indeed sometimes the dogs bollocks… unfortunately however, that does leave me prone to being scratched and occasionally kicked.

    • Thank you… I love a good quote, most of course can be overly optimistic. The reality, in my opinion, is that there is always light and shade. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of shade… I just try to remember to bask in the sun when it appears… and regardless of how stormy life can get, the sun will eventually reappear… sometimes with a rainbow 🙂

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