When is a man’s home really his castle?

When we’re up against it and it feels that everyone is conspiring against us, the sight of your house is a reassuring one and wouldn’t it be nice if you really could pull up the drawbridge and forget all your troubles if only for a few blissful hours.

But at what point do you feel the need to actually turn your house into a castle.

I took the snapshot below from the side of a dual carriageway on my commute. The house is one of those bland 70’s chalet style properties… nothing remarkable so far except there’s a transformation taking place… this house really is being turned into a castle. Not sure if he’s going to build a moat… in fact I’d hazard a guess he’s more at home laying a driveway than moating… is moating a word? Sounds like a night time activity… dogging in a ditch maybe.


An Englishman’s home… really

So why has this chap decided to pull up the drawbridge?

I could have asked him in person, as shortly after taking my first pic he came out of his castle and was crossing the road looking as though he wanted to have a chat with me… maybe he wanted to offer me the chance to purchase a few sprigs of lucky heather – I was thinking I might need some. Looking at his expression however, I’d hazard a guess that he was preparing to offer me some renovation work… and I wouldn’t be getting a quote for the work he had in mind.

Got to dash…


4 thoughts on “When is a man’s home really his castle?

  1. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!!! I am not often lost for words but….urghhh.

    When did we retire from being a tasteful, elegant corner of the world & become such a nation of “chavs”? This surely can’t even pass for English eccentricity?!?!?! …..and more to the point, how the heck did it get past planning?

    I recently had to take my daughter to her school prom, an event that filled her with dread as she’s not very showy or girly in the dress department. Well, I felt like I was leaving her on set at “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding”. Chav was definitely the theme du jour….utterly horrific. They could have held the prom at this “house” & not been out of place.

    I’m hoping you’ve managed to flee safely & not been taken to the tower 🙂

    The world has gone mad! 😦

  2. He probably has a teenage daughter and wants to shut her up in a turret till she is 30?
    He must have thought you are a journalist covering the new kingdom? LOL…

    Its interesting that people are still enamored of living in castles.

  3. Yes, moating is a word, though not one that relates to questionable sexual practices.

    ~ tr.v. moated, moating moats. To surround with or as if with a moat.

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