What does it all mean?

This morning’s Google doodle celebrates Freudian psychiatrist Hermann Rorschach’s 129th birthday with an interactive version of his famous inkblot test.

I’ve been staring into the ink blot below to see if I can discover anything interesting about myself.

Hermann Rorschach - ink blot test

Hermann Rorschach – ink blot test

I’m finding myself strangely drawn to this little chaps big eyes… hmm, what does say about me… I guess it means I’m an eye man… curiously I feel certain that the his beak should be a little lower.

Having read that back I’m now feeling anxious about referring to the little fella as a guy!!! Better get back on the couch.


3 thoughts on “What does it all mean?

  1. Great stuff, I’ve just been wading through the the Twitter feedback and look forward to the Google analysis of their audience posts: sweet, tossers, smart arse, out of work, a bit dim etc etc. Insofar as you own interpretation is concerned, other people’s personality assessments, like their dreams, are best ignored unless one is being paid to listen or, of course, if they involve me. I’ve been through 10 or so of the blots and no, I don’t see you, even in the left hand dinosaur on the ball. Anyway, you have got me inspired, so I’m ‘off’ to generate some word clouds from my last 3 years Skype chat history, will keep you posted.

  2. I have to admit that i tend to agree with your view of the “Bird” – I just wonder what else you coulkd see if you were not a man? Have you asked any real “birds” to have a look.

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