I’ve crossed the Thames on the m25 more than 1000 times on my way to the office and home again. I spend much of this time in a dream world – occasionally sleeping – analysing the contents of my role as a marketing manager and my life in general. So hitch a ride on my blog and I’ll share some of the nonsense and occasional wise words that are accumulating in my head.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Great fun DSS… if this is all original thought it explains a lot! not sure i like the ‘middle lane’ analogy, really scary and definitely worthy of an ostrich moment… anyway provided a fun 5 mins in an otherwise pretty ‘slow lane’ day. My vote – continue to blog to your hearts content…

  2. Well, it was a good idea at the time, surely? Of course not!

    The Government has too many Departments that do not join up. One way to raise revenue in buckets,to increase employment and keep the car business going, is to introduce a one year post licence driving examination and then a five yearly driving examination. That should improve driving standards!

    Think of the revenue by just catching up with examining all the present licence holders.

    Think of the money saving in cutting back on road safety campaigns; accident costs and so on and so on.

    Another neat trick is to raise the fine for use of a mobile whilst driving to £1000, stop all those scrummies from not seeing me or my bike/bicycle!

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